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oxidised bitumen asphalt 85/25

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  • Weight25 kg

[Faragam Petro Tech]

  • Iran Iran
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Oxidized asphalt 85/25 uses in the chemical, fuel, paints, lacquers, varnishes, paper-pulp-board, textile processing, road construction, pavement ,crack seal and repairmen, civil works, roofing, construction industries; sealing and insulating buildings, adhesive, construction materials additive, dust-binding, coating, insulating and impregnating agent, make rubber and plastic products. The blown asphalt 85/25 products are for paving, roofing; also used in asphalt based paints for corrosion protection of metals, in lining public works structures, adhesives in electrical laminates, base for synthetic turf; typical uses for oxidized asphalt 85/25 include roofing, pipe coating, Portland cement pavement, hydraulic applications, paint manufacturing.